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Intro to me

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Welcome to my new website! I figure for my first blog post on this new site it would make sense to give a little backstory about myself.

I've had a couple of blogs before, and I may move some of those other posts over to here, but they've focused on many different topics. I've had lots of different areas of interest and passion over the years that have led me to focusing in on events. Those include (but aren't limited to) cooking, photography, travel, marketing, more cooking, and mostly eating.

I grew up in Hawaii and moved in 2008 to attend Western Washington University. I thought for a minute I'd focus on photography, then business management, but eventually landed on a major in marketing and minor in communication. Post college I worked in customer service for a couple of years until I found my way back to a marketing focused job. At the time I didn't realize that events were such a growing part of businesses marketing and branding, but once I did I really found my niche. I transitioned from that job to one that focused solely on events and that's the path I've been on since. For the past 5 years I've worked full time in positions that have had me working on golf tournaments, 5-K festivals, small executive events, galas, luncheons, and just about every corporate event you can think of. Outside of corporate events I've also worked on personal parties and weddings, which is where my passion really lies. I love working closely with couples or hosts to bring their individual visions to life.

Outside of my career, I married my husband in the Snohomish area in May 2018 and we live in the area with our pup after buying our first house of May 2019. And we're currently expecting our first baby in May 2020 - so I'm sure you can see there's quite a theme in our lives. Basically, we expect to never celebrate our wedding anniversary!

So there's just little back story on me, thanks for checking out my new website! I'm excited to use this to grow and share more ideas and events I'm working on.

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